Bulldogs - Ugly But Lovable

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Bulldogs are known for their short muzzles and the saggy skin on their faces, creating the apparent "frown" that has become a trademark of the breed. They have a short stocky appearance with short legs. Bulldogs are originally from England and was brought to the United States where the standard of the breed was changed.

Bulldogs are very loyal to their owners and are very good natured. They can be so attached to home and family that they will not venture out of the yard without a human companion. They are not as intelligent as you might want them to be or they just don't want to exert any effort at all. They can be trained but you need to know the proper way to catch their attention especially for the older dogs.

Features of a Bulldog

The bulldog breeds are generally smaller in the US as compared to the UK where they originated. Bulldogs are very quiet animals that are friendly and loving. They seldom bark and this makes them suitable for living in the apartments where neighbors are sensitive to noise. They love children and other animals and are mostly good tempered and docile.

Some Bulldogs drool while others do not. This characteristic is not apparent while they are still puppies and there is no way to know what they will turn out to be when they grow up.

Health of a Bulldog

Bulldog is prone to have breathing problems. This is probably because of its short muzzle and lower jaw. They might also have what is called cherry eye and allergies to certain things. Some females give birth through cesarean because of the larger heads of the puppies. Bulldog puppies are pretty much the same size as other puppies except for their big heads.

A Bulldog may require daily cleaning of the face folds to avoid infections and they needs to have their teeth checked and brushed regularly. They have a tendency to grow fat so they need regular exercises to maintain an optimal weight. A Bulldog is easily affected by the heat so always bring water for them and try to walk them in shady areas when taken outdoor.

Bulldogs are highly prized for their stocky appearance and pug faces. Most show dogs have broad heads and pug faces. They have a peculiarly unique gait, often called a "rolling gait" that makes them look like little soldiers waddling when they are walking. They are truly fascinating dogs that can easily win people’s hearts with its wrinkly and ugly face but gentle manner.



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